The Faces Project

In a nation of a billion people, it is easy to overlook individuals- what is one person more or less in the teeming mass of humanity. But, every single one of them is a person with a past, a present and a future uniquely their own. “The Faces Project” is my attempt to capture the soul of the nation- one person at a time.
I started “The Faces Project”, because few things give me more pleasure as a photographer than capturing emotions. I can forget details of a landscape that moved me, but it is rare that I cannot instantly recall the shy smiles, the tentative looks, and the animated gestures of the people I meet. I may not go into their history, I never ask them their names, but to me they are as real as any of the people I interact with regularly. For me, every Face, tells its own story.
One guideline I have laid for myself in selecting photographs for “The Faces Project” is that they should have been taken with the knowledge of the person being photographed. I believe that a photograph is a covenant between the model and the photographer- not for me the furtive clicking of a photograph when a person was not looking- what it compromises in spontaneity, it (hopefully) makes up for in integrity.

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