Thursday, March 29, 2012

A to Z blogging challenge

600,000 girls go missing in India every year- aborted before they are born; killed at childbirth; abandoned in infancy, allowed to die of mal-nourishment or lack of timely medical care.
I have been very erratic with my blogging this year, and was quite sure that I wouldn't be taking part in the A to Z blogging challenge in April. But then I decided to pay a tribute to the women who survived. Whatever the conditions they live in, they are Alive.  

Shivpur, Uttar  Pradesh
January 2011

Every day, during the month, the blog will host a photograph of a woman who survived, along with a quote by a famous (or not so famous) woman who's name begins with the letter of the alphabet.


Tina said...

Oh Rayna! So good to have you back! I've missed you. Until I was asked to co-host, I'd also been a very sporadic blogger. This challenge has lit a fire under my ass and I'm going full throttle right now! Looking forward to your work. Your theme sounds very special, and a cause I certainly support. My theme is Postcards from Sweden. I'll be sharing a vocab word a day, along with a picture, and short note. As in postcard length. I think that will be my hardest part...being brief. Stop by when you have a chance, one of the co-hosts, the awesome Jeremy, gave me a FREE blog make-over!
Tina @ Life is Good
Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

Jessica Bell said...

I think that's a fabulous idea, and I'm looking forward to your posts! I met you during the first challenge ... oh so long ago ... remember? And want to be in touch with you again! Seems like years!

Konstanz Silverbow said...

I’m just dropping by to say hello! I look forward to seeing the alphabet all over your blog in April!

Konstanz Silverbow
A to Z Co-host

Geoff Maritz said...

Hi. Just popping in From the A to Z challenge list, sorta looking around, and decided I like your blog. I'm now following you, a bit early I know, I look forward to your take on the challenge, I've enjoyed some of your earlier posts already. Blessings, Geoff.

sjp said...

wonderful snapshot

sjp said...
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Natasha said...

@ Tina- thank you for the kick in the posterior- needed it to get blogging again.

@ Jessica- I swear I will be back in the blogging world sometime.

Thanks, Konstanz, Geoff, sjp