Monday, October 1, 2012

Ah, it's Empty

“The witch reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a light brown chamois bag about the size of a playing card. “Maybe this will help you. It’ll boost your self-esteem.
Now we’re getting somewhere. Riley took the bag and opened it. She looked to the bottom to find … nothing.
Ah, it’s empty.
Of course,” Ayden replied. “It’s up to you to fill it. Find things that mean something to you, that represent times where you’ve overcome an obstacle, learned something important. Put those items in the bag and they’ll help you find your strength.
- Jana Oliver, Forsaken
Words. Images. Thoughts. Ideas. Generalizations. Specifics. Stream of Consciousness.
During the month of October, I am going to just watch things fall into place, or not!

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