Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Electricity

[Click on image to enlarge]
January 29, 2011
Shivpur, Uttar Pradesh


Cruella Collett said...

Beautiful - if there is one (good) thing my photo class taught me it is to appreciate reflections! And yes - great minds indeed (I was slightly iffy that mine isn't technically a power line, though, but I guess the crooked light pole also needs electricity, so hing...)

Speaking of - happy hing day! :)

Margo Kelly said...

Amazing picture!

Dani said...

Lovely, Rayna.

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Laura M. Campbell said...

I love the distortion of the power lines in the water. Almost as if it was channeling the electricity into the water. Thanks for sharing. I plan to return to see other photographs. Good luck with the challenge!